Angela Originals

Cloth Body  -  Silicone Baby


The photos are of the actual silicone baby. The limbs have already been painted, her head is fresh from the mold.

Annie was sculpted by me, Angela Lewis from a couple bricks of clay.

I then made molds of her original sculpt and have now cast her in Eco 30 Platinum Cure Silicone.

Annie was sculpted to resemble a chubby newborn baby, paying close attention to all the wrinkles and folds a new baby has. Her mouth is open so she can take a full pacifier


Annie is a Limited Edition of 20 World Wide.

She can be poured with different skin tones

She is approximately 19" long, 20" with her legs pulled straight

Her head circumference is 14 "

Annie is being offered with 3/4 arms and full legs



She can wear Newborn size clothing perfectly.

I think she would be beautiful as a boy or a girl.











Blank Kit...meaning you will receive Annie's head arms and legs for you or someone else to paint and complete


Click here to pay in full for a blank kit


Painted Kit..you will receive her painted head arms and legs.


Click here to pay in full for a Painted kit


Completed Baby...You will receive Annie painted, rooted with your choice of hair color,

weighted in a cloth body

dressed, and ready to snuggle.


To pay in full for a completed Annie

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Deposits are $ 300.00 with the remainder due at the time she is ready to ship.

I do allow Layaway payments, but please contact me before you purchase her if

you will need to make layaway arrangements.

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