Angela Originals

Introducing Full Silicone Baby



The Annie babies in the photos have been sold,thank you !

There are more in her edition.

 Annie is sharing her full body with Kayleigh.

Annie has Bray Kewy Limbs, her torso and adorable head were sculpted by me.
Once I had her all together I molded her and have now cast her in silicone
with the permission of Dana Henderson giving me the rights to
reproduce each baby.


Annie is poured in Eco 20, Platinum Cure Silicone

She has a ball joint so that her head turns easily.
She is 18" long with her legs bent
Her head circumference is 14"
She weighs 7 pounds 2 ounces

Annie will wear Newborn sized clothing.
If you see ALL BOY, a boy part can be added.


Annie will make a beautiful A.A. baby also, as well as BiRacial.


Unpainted Kit

Her mouth was sculpted open so she can take a full pacifier.

She can be made with Drink and Wet, but there is an extra charge.





Annie is a Limited Edition Baby

She will be limited to 8 babies World Wide.

Each baby will come with a numbered certificate

I will also be selling her in blank kit form, if you choose to order her as a blank
kit, the certificate will state KIT BABY.

Annie is made entirely by hand, as with anything hand made there may be a slight blemish, but nothing that takes away from her amazing beauty, and any should cover nicely once painted.





Whether you are purchasing her as a  Blank kit or Completed Baby the deposit price is the same.

When you make your deposit your baby is then saved for you I  am open to layaway payments once the deposit is made taking no longer than 12 months to complete.

Please note that the babies ordered that are paid in full or need no layaway option
will be completed first in the order they are received.

These babies take much time and patience to complete,  though I have always prided myself in not having anyone wait longer than a reasonable time, please keep in mind I am working every day, except weekends, I update regularly and will have your baby ready for you as soon as possible.

Please click on the Paypal link above to make your purchase.
Please take note that deposits are non-refundable.
Email me with any questions you may have
allowing me time to respond as I am not always at my computer
while working.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions