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Full Body Silicone Baby
"Early Bird"
The photos are the actual silicone
Early Bird is a very special baby to me.
I have worked on creating her original resin
head and limbs into a full body baby to love.
Several years ago Dana Henderson received the rights from Tina Kewy
to make her into a silicone baby.
Beginning with the head and limbs I personally sculpted her torso and through
many different molding forms, her original resin limbs were molded onto
the torso I sculpted for her.
And now what once was a cloth body baby, is a soft, squeezable, full body
silicone baby.

Early Bird At A Glance
Super Soft Blend Platinum Cure Silicone
Her Edition will remain open until the mold gives out.
Length 18" with her legs stretched out.
Head Circumference 12"
Early Birds head and body were poured in one piece.
You have the choice of having Early Bird a boy or a girl.
I purchased her clothing online at
The Preemie Store
she can wear UP TO 3 pounds clothing.
She takes a full preemie pacifier.
She is being offered as a blank kit
and a completed baby.
She is NOT being offered with armatures
her thumb fits nicely in her mouth
She CAN be ordered with a drink wet system
but there is a cost to add this feature.
Layaway is available but you need to contact me first
if you are wanting a layaway.
Balance is due once your baby is ready to go.
Blank kits will come with a C.O.A.
Completed babies, you will have your choice of hair color, skin tone,
she will come dressed, in a blanket, with her C.O.A along with other goodies.

Here pricing is as follows
Blank Kit  1300.00

Completed Baby

Deposit for either one you choose is 500.00

please email me with any questions you might have, I will reply in a timely manner.





















thank you !


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Your baby will be made in the order payments are received.
Any baby not needing a layaway will be finished first.
All deposits are non refundable and non transferrable.
This also includes any money paid towards your baby,
so please make sure you intend to go through with your purchase before ordering.

Have a question ?

Please email me at angelaoriginals@yahoo.com