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Introducing "Little Warrior 1 & 2

Little Warrior 1 is closed eyed

Little Warrior 2 is Open eyed




Limited Edition of 30 World Wide

A premature baby may look tiny and fragile to touch but never underestimate the courage,
strength and determination of a baby born too soon.

Author: Julia


 The inspiration for sculpting Little Warrior came from my beautiful Niece and Nephew

that came into this World fighting. All babies are a true blessing, those that struggle from the time of their birth are nothing short of miracles.

Little Warrior is a dedication to all the babies born early that have captivated our hearts.

I will be making a series of preemie babies with different expressions, eyes open and closed. Don't forget to bookmark my site to be sure to see each baby made.


Keep a look out for Little Warrior 2 !!! He has open eyes and loves his sister to pieces!



This baby looks amazing as a boy or a girl.

Little Warrior was sculpted by me from Polymer clay.
 Molded and Casted in Eco 30 Platinum Cure Silicone
by my brilliant Husband John Lewis of Lewis Molding and Casting, and myself.
Your baby will be painted and rooted by my Daughter Tiffany from Silicone Creations By Tiffany.


 Little Warriors are approximately 16" long with their legs pulled straight. They have a  head circumference of 12"
They are NOT a full silicone, they takes a weighted cloth body.

They has 3/4 arms and full legs.

Their mouths are open so they can take a real pacifier.

Little Warriors can wear Preemie size clothing, I purchase mine from The Preemie Shop online.

A completed baby will come in an adorable outfit that I will choose, whether you are purchasing a boy or a girl. You will have the choice of hair color, or your baby can be a baldy. Your baby will also come with a Certificate of Authenticity IF you choose to have a completed baby, a blanket, pacifier, and other goodies.

If you purchase a blank kit, you will receive the unpainted head, arms and legs.

The painted kit will come with the painted head arms and legs only.

Available in kit form and completed baby.

All the photos shown are of the silicone baby.

We do try to get all of our babies out in a timely manner, please understand we stay extremely busy year round. Each baby will be poured in the order they are received.

Pricing is as follows

Deposit 200.00

Unpainted Kit 400.00

Painted Kit 600.00

Complete Baby 800.00


When purchasing please state which Little Warrior you are purchasing.


Click on your choice to be taken to Paypal to place your Deposit.

If placing a deposit please write in your choice of unpainted, painted, or complete baby



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Click her to purchase a painted kit IN FULL


Click the Buy Now Button to pay in FULL for a completed Little Warrior.


A non refundable deposit of 200.00 is due at the time you order to reserve
your baby, whether you are getting a painted, unpainted or completed baby.

Please specify which you are wanting in your PayPal deposit payment.
If you are ordering your baby complete you will have your choice of hair color,
also whether you want your Baby to be a Boy or a Girl.

 Please also specify that in your deposit payment.
The remaining balance is due once your baby is complete unless you make
prior arrangements with me to make layaway payments.

Once your baby is ready to shipped you will be invoiced shipping costs.


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